Development of the ZOTH logo


Logo design for our time management application



To develop a logo for our Zoth task-book so that at the time of launching an advertising campaign it becomes easily recognizable, simple, and at the same time significantly different from competitors.


As part of the development of the hi-load of the Zoth web application, whose goal is to simplify the management of the team, we decided to develop the logo simultaneously with the start of the design. The concept of the application we already had, it remained to adapt it to the visual style.

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Rare logo can boast of the fact that it was immediately drawn, and then simply corrected. So with us, until we came to the end, several concepts were worked out.

Search for a design
Search for a design


The form to which we eventually came fully meets our requirements for logos - to be not just a symbol, but an idea. In this case, we leave it to you to understand it.

And ahead of us we still develop the design of the application.