Models of the KV-1 and Tovsheta tanks


Development of high-poly models and tank in 3D


KV-1 model

While studying the material at the university at the rate of 3D-modeling, I made attempts to master complex high-poly modeling without the use of textures. As a basis, I took the well-known tank KV-1 in the execution of drawings and in the editor 3Ds-Max reconstructed the tank. During the work, both drawings and photographs and drawings of similar modifications of the real tank were used.


Tishet's model

Later, in search of inspiration in my spare time, I attempted to reconstruct the mechanism of the current demanding Middle Ages. In the process, I studied the materials and schemes of the mechanisms of that time. Including the mechanics of the release of the projectile from the sling, fixed at the end of the lever. In the process of modeling, I supplemented the design with some details, including a ladder on one side for access to the knee.