Refining Shopify


The development of a basket of goods for a British health food store



The foreign online store Vegan NS on the platform Shopify required an individual solution for the sale of the product bundle exactly to the New Year.


Previously, we have never worked directly with the CMS, if one can call it that, Shopify, although they have long worked with their [platform developers] with the syntax Liquid. Therefore, it was necessary to dig deep into the documentation, so as not to jam.


As it turned out, this system is much similar to CMS OpenCart in many respects, so we had no difficulty in implementing the task, although the deadlines were tightening up. We were addressed literally the day before the New Year.

To display the product as a separate entity, we developed an individual template for the 1st product, in the description of which its contents were printed, including the stock counter in the warehouse.

Page design


As we indicated above - the system is very similar to OpenCart, with which we like to work. And a sharp transition to English served as an excellent experience. We definitely think this is lvl-up for our team .