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This development is a breakthrough take place in the field of sales topics on the site Themeforest

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If you want to express yourself, you need to make it loud. So we decided not to trivialize and immediately go to the international sales platform with its offer. The goal was to create a quality topic that would be in demand, which in the future would help us to focus on the product that will be sold.

How it all began

Quite a long time ago I had experience working with themes and CMS, it started 7-8 years ago, but then I did not approach the development of topics as to something serious. Everything has changed over the past few years, when the Envato site with its Themeforest hit the field of view. First I used the themes that the authors post there, and then decided to try myself to become an author.


The first attempt to break through to the site was a long time ago, back in the beginning of 2017. Then I just read the article of clever people who could do it (at that moment only) on the hub, so I was ready for hard and soft reject. Tried to develop the theme myself, and in the NorthTeam team. Until the end of 2017, all attempts ended in obtaining a hard reject.

Main page
Main page


It ended with the fact that I decided to try a niche field - to develop a simple chef's theme-blog. And the first thing I got... soft. At that time for me it became a strong motivator to move forward, but here there was a difficulty, they [the themeforest moderators] seemed to be interested, but wrote an opinion that it is necessary to change. Unfortunately, I understand this perfectly, they do not have enough time, and most likely desire, to paint in detail what is meant. So I got only hints. And so, a few months later the topic passed, it was approved.


You can get to the Envato site, although you get the impression that Russians do not like much there, and most likely the conjectures of those who are offended in the Internet that they give a hard reject are just so, to check for lousiness is also nonsense. If you have an interesting idea that is interesting not only for you, then why not?

First reviews
First reviews