Why do I need a website

12/03/19 / Middleread

If your search query is: why do I need a website, website promotion after creation, a website for a company/store, a personal website for business, a website for a small business, then we congratulate you for finding the right article that will accurately address your question.

Do I need a website?

What is the site for? For me and my team this is a rhetorical question. As I am for my practice, I am sure figured out quite well what it is for and what it really is.

Inside our team, I identified 2 main groups:

  • For yourself
  • Business tool
  • Cheap
  • Expensive

Further, I would like to indicate a little what the site is for itself, and how it differs from the business tool, business site.

First of all it is the lack of real benefits.

At the same time, if we are talking about the site, it is worth mentioning everything: everything that a person does for himself. Whether it is a personal blog/personal site, in order to publicly express thoughts, or a crafted vase for papier-mâché sweets.

Website as a business tool

When we talk about a site that benefits materially, in monetary terms, it is a business tool. Exactly the same as the plow, CNC, metal bending machine or offline shop equated to small business.

Be sure to pay your attention to the concept of direct and indirect economic benefits. Then immediately raised the question of promoting the site, but more on that later.

For example, in the first case it will be an online store. It brings income at the time of sale of goods. To the second one can be attributed the online storefront. In this case, the buyer can either call and order, or come and take on the spot.

Moreover, a page with a resume, or a personal blog of a freelancer with correctly placed accents is also a business tool. Just a smaller scale.

As soon as your business tool ceases, or did not even begin to bring material gain, you can safely attribute it to the category «For yourself.»

What are cheap sites for?

Perhaps I'll start with the fact that we do not deal with cheap sites. Neither as a business tool, nor as something else. Just because any user of the Internet can contact the designer to build sites and free of charge, or almost free of charge, to collect something there. We make websites for business — small and not so.

Let us turn specifically to those cases that, I think, are suitable for a cheap site:

  • You have an idea, but you are not sure whether it will be cool.
  • You are a beginner businessman, the entire budget is thrown into a product or tool that is needed to do the work you are doing, and the company's website is not included in the expenditure item.
  • You are just a novice businessman and there is no confidence, knowledge…
  • You discover a new direction for yourself and risk.
  • All together taken to one degree or another, and you have a relative / you «can do it yourself» sites.

If we take into account all of the above, I can say with confidence that you do not need a personal website. Or until needed if you start with online sales. Or do not need expensive.

Simply. Save money. Do not try to hire a studio. Do not demand much from what you will do. Most likely, you just need to declare yourself.

Let me advise you not to try to make a full-fledged online store on the designer. When you need to make a normal site, the transfer will most likely be done by hand.

When to order a quality and expensive website

When you achieved something on your own. As I said earlier, it makes no sense to spend money on what is not the fact that it will worth it.

The exception will be, perhaps, those projects that were originally designed for online. Suppose an online application can be such a project. Which has no analogue in the real world and it does not make sense to be implemented outside the Internet. Details here are not so important.

So, when you have a formed business, a really fiery idea — only then you can order the development of a really good website, a good logo and a gradual website promotion.

What is the main difference between a good site and a bad one?

This may be hard to believe, but both may be expensive.

So how to distinguish a bad site from a good one? Using a quality website you are unlikely to experience special difficulties with navigation on it. If we are talking about sales, then the maximum difficulties that you have to meet are compliance of the site with the law.

Of course, this is a utopian situation. To please everyone in the easy way is really difficult.

Expensive and low-quality site will simply lead to loss of money.

What is not less important

Not all the troubles of the site to blame the developer. Let's imagine a situation. You sell ... cookies. You do not send them by mail, your prices are higher than the competitor, you cannot reach the offline store. And the competitor from the search for prices below and delivery directly to the mouth.

What will the user choose? Competitor.

Here we, as developers, will not be able to do anything. We can only provide some flow of people and promotion for this flow. Everything else depends on you.

But back to the question «When?».

Definitely at the moment when you understand that the site will bring money to a small or large business, at least more than you invest in it.

A small digression on the subject of attachments. Even the designers do not work for free. More precisely, they do not work for you for free. We are talking about embedded advertising. At a minimum, the designer company provides you with a technical domain — a place for the site. Real, physical place somewhere on the server. What you need to pay. You, in this case, will pay either by advertising or by giving back your money.

You can also add a domain to your expenses. Domain name is an important thing. As they say, as you call a ship, so it will sail. And some is definitely worse than And in principle, in this case will be better than a subdomain, say Thus, there is a readable and possibly memorable address that does not relate you to someone, but only yours — personal.

So in any case, today a personal site will cost you a little, but a pretty penny.

Development and support of a site at a serious level costs a lot more. By support, I mean from the technical, to, say, advertising. And, if the technical depends only on the hours spent on it, then the advertising in Yandex or Google is completely dependent on competitiveness, the region, and a lot of other factors.

What is a well-designed business tool?

We have already touched on this topic in our blog. And I want to repeat a few distinguishing features here. So, a good site is:

  1. Support after creation
    Few people can really capture the support of the site, which was developed by others. Does it tie to developers? Of course. Although in the case of developing standard solutions, for example, WordPress, the threshold of entry for transmission is reduced.
  2. Quality code
    Unlike constructors, we prefer the approach when we manage everything in the code, not allowing automation to spoil it. It would seem, what's the difference? It is essential. The code of poor quality will sink in the search due to invalidity, for example.
  3. The site must be updated
    And it is not only about appearance. Yes, trends should be followed, if only to keep the user on his usual elements. Some trends set social networks. But from a technical point of view, standards are constantly changing. Many solutions that worked 5 years ago are no longer working. It would be sad if the quality is not increased.
  4. Search engine optimization
    Reaching fanaticism, even file names must be consciously named. And, if they do not go through automatic storyboarding by the site management system, then yes, in a completely manual work on the site, I agree to reach that. Or optimization of quality dimensions not by means of automation, but by hands at the pixel level. The introduction of technology to search, but all this will not do cheap. It is long, expensive, but the result is a position in the search. Isn't it worth ordering a high-quality website? To come people from the search.

If you want to try your business on the Internet, but are not sure that the income from the site will cover the expense (we can advise by mail, for example, on pricing) then: collect on the designer, order from a student or use your own resources. Do not waste your money, nerves and time. But do not expect something supernatural from such a product.

If you understand perfectly well why you need a website and how you will make money with it — contact the professionals.

We, and maybe not only we, really understand good tools, we know how to manage them to achieve a result. And the result, I recall, is a full-fledged business tool.