Why can not you order cheap sites?

07/08/17 / Middleread

We have repeatedly faced the situation when our future client conducted a marketing research, compared the prices and ordered the cheapest site, got it for use, and then belatedly understands that this tool does not fulfill the desired task — namely, that nothing is impossible to sell with it — finally comes to us.

What’s the matter?

It’s simple: there are many tools invented in distant ‘00, which allowed to collect the site with simple mouse clicks, without specific knowledge in the field of creating websites.

Of course, if you need to make, for example, a personal page to be able to get on a business card that you give out personally — then yes, it’s a wonderful option. But as soon as there is a need to promote such a website on the Internet — here you just can make a helpless gesture.


The answer is to the surface. Such designers create quite beautiful outwardly, but at the same time it is impractical from the point of view of the layout (assembly) and programming sites that all normal search robots — the main tools for promoting your services and goods — will pass them by. It is quite possible that your site will be blacklisted. Unfortunately, this is quite realistic.

The result of the work of such designers is rarely suitable for modern systems. Ask any professional in this field and he will with a clear conscience tell you that one of the most important stages of website development is its designing.

Undoubtedly, the next important step for the future site is design (external). We are developing together with design, which means that we draw layouts, evaluate the possible movement of users on the site and can give you an approximate evaluation of the productivity of this project. In addition, we test your future product at all stages, using different categories of users, which include representatives of different gender groups, age and territorial your potential customers.

What are the solutions for cheap sites?

There are a lot of solutions, starting with the good old ucoz, continuing with free templates (these can be truncated versions for engines, or simply garbage for garbage).

But let’s talk a little about site designers:


As mentioned a little bit above — this is an old good designer for assembling sites that also offers accommodation on their own domains. Despite many years of experience working with sites, still can not get rid of working with large disruptions of the code.


It is a modern fashionable system that has grown, probably under the impression of UCOZ. It works slowly, and buying a domain and a premium account will not save anything.

From the advantages of designers:
  • Standard for such sites is «free assembly»
  • Accommodation on a free domain
But the minus sign is significantly larger:
  1. Designers’ domains are often blocked by social networks and, in principle, by any systems equipped with security measures, since such tools are used by people who need the site exclusively for personal use, or unclean creators of one-day websites for various frauds. They do not need to order development of sites and they are turning to such resources.
  2. This site is difficult to promote with the help of SEO — in principle. At the heart of the progress lies a lot of subtleties in which you do not understand by type — tags, uniqueness of texts and other things. If you do not have anything, forget about real success and productivity.
  3. If you want to promote such a site, only advertising can help you (but here, because of the domain lock you can not go anywhere, see the point of Advertising, for which you give no less than for the development of ours. Do not forget, advertising, with a high probability, will not work.
  4. Absence of uniqueness. All these designers collect the same sites, and search engines know this, hence — no advantage over competitors.

And there is still a popular option — the development of a site with a free template (truncated or simply with a low-quality assembly).

The advantages of such an assembly include:
  1. Cheapness — to make this kind of site, to have professional knowledge is not necessary. You can apply to a student who will collect it for you at a very modest price.
  2. The speed of development.
And the minuses are not less than with the designers:
  1. Poor quality of the site code, which adversely affects the promotion
  2. Lack of optimization (you can believe to optimize the site takes time and knowledge)
  3. The volume of investment in advertising
  4. Often lack of support
What do we offer?

We work with sites a lot, we have many years of experience with high standards. We always test products before launch. Paying attention to our experience and the desire to make really good sites that bring customers, we can guarantee in the creation of your site the following:

  1. Quality and productivity of the code. We always follow the development standards, introduce new technologies in a timely manner and offer the most current and demanded of them, while respecting their compatibility with the promotion tools. This fact directly affects the future promotion of your site, so the relation of search engines to them qualitatively distinguishes it among others.
  2. Testing at all stages. As mentioned above, we test both software solutions in the development framework and, in general, the product (site) on real people of different gender, age groups.
  3. Project support after delivery. In any project there may be mistakes and we are very interested in ensuring that our projects are of high quality and after delivery. Therefore, we provide 1 month of FREE support. And in general we are interested in further support of our projects.
  4. Participation of the client in development. That’s right, we understand that the client is better at understanding our audience and should be the last resort in choosing such things as, for example, methods of capturing attention.
  5. Adjustments in accordance with the advertisement. In the case of ordering advertising from us after the development of the site, then within the framework of project support after delivery, we will certainly adjust your site for the maximum benefit of the advertising campaign.