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23 Apr 2018


Hello again! We are very pleased that our website has interested you so much that you have reached our blog and decided to see what is happening here. As you managed to notice, our blog is devoted to general information about us, our activities, and on some technical issues in which we open the mechanisms we work with, or share our experience in order to develop your horizons. But if not - you are welcome to get acquainted.

This article is for informational purposes, in order to tell you a little more about iAmStudio, and why you should pay attention to us. Let me propose to acquaintance with the facts that will prove our competitiveness.

We are a young team.

We are a young team

You will think:

"Being fresh blood, they will do everything qualitatively, in order to prove themselves well"

We will answer "And we would not", and hurry to explain what is meant.

The freshness of our organization will in no way affect the quality of the work we do, at least because of our leader. If you read an article about how iAmStudio was born, you should have paid attention to the phrase - I'm the person who believes that quality and reputation is more important than the deadlines for the delivery of the project. Perhaps this sounds arrogant, but we are striving to ensure that each item was made equally qualitatively, so that in the future we were not ashamed of the work was done, and you, in consequence, advised us to your friends.

"They are still green and will not be able to do everything qualitatively, I'd better go and do it from the firm, which has more experience"

Let in this composition we do not work for a long time, but we managed to prove ourselves in separate joint projects and our portfolio proofs this. Among other things, the infusion of fresh and young blood will have a beneficial effect on the expansion of our functional and looking at things that are already familiar to us.

We are a young team

"The list of their services does not have what I need"

As if I did not want to show that we are jack of all trades, we perfectly understand that putting up a huge list of services at once means scare off a potential client. After all, we are all people and are susceptible to the opinion that if a person says that he is good in everything, maybe he is mediocrely good at everything and can not do the job as well as you need it. If you have interesting ideas, we will happily take them into consideration and make every possible effort to implement it.

The team iAmStudio took for itself the course not only forward, but forward and breadth at the same time. May be it not so quickly, as at more rectilinear firms, BUT! Our goal is to extend the "freeway" of our web tools so that the machine of your business can turn on it in all its glory.

iAmStudio is the guardian of your success.

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