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06/01/18 / Shortread

Hello, dear friends!

Our friendly and, most importantly — productive team of developers refuses to stand still and today we are officially glad to present to your attention our online store.

Probably, the main impetus to this side for us was a further and deeper acquaintance with such a thing as jekyll. Earlier we already talked about this phenomenon in web programming and in our further searches came to interesting conclusions. As a result, we not only easily and painlessly made a site on jekyll, but also on its basis created our own market without resorting to changes in the internal process of our business card, the web-site./p>

Market and free — it happens?

Getting to our market you can find the following items:

HTML-theme Pohlobkin

This template is designed both for people leading their own blogs, writing their cookbooks and in principle, leading an active educational activity in the field of cooking, and those who like to keep all their interesting recipes in one place and in a convenient form.

Icon Set Rage

As they say — brevity is the sister of talent. We do not always agree with this, but in this case - the simplicity and laconic design of our icons speaks for itself. Sated with an endless variety of emoticons, stickers and other elements of the "decor" of the text and expression of emotions, sometimes you want an accurate realization of what will happen after pressing this button - this will not happen to our elements. Do not believe us — find the "download icons" button and make sure of it.

CSS Framework FAKit

If you want to create your own site, but half the words in the layout section scare you to shudder, and the textbooks are stupefied, then our application will help you turn the terrible process of creating a site into a pleasant and easy collection of the skeleton of your future offspring in a pleasant game — DIY.

To be continued…

If you think that for a full-fledged market this list is too small, then do not worry. In the near future, our plans include, in addition to expanding the capabilities of our finished products, the development of the PSD layout and HTML template Vivaldo for music. So stay tuned for updates - it will be interesting, informative and even free!