How i collected the team

25 Feb 2018


Good day everyone!

My name is Arseny. Today I want to tell you how I assembled my team. Assembled? Sorry, I hurried a little. In fact, I'm still in the process. But let's first talk about how I came to this.

When I was just beginning to be engaged in design and web development, my environment, frankly speaking, did not inspire confidence. And the funny thing is, I mean the university and the ilk with them. To be honest, the greater share of young people seems to be that they can independently turn mountains. And it will always go their way. I repent, just as I thought. Even then I tried to work in a team and attracted to work Zoyа. Perhaps that duo was too ambitious to call the team, but one way or another it was my first work-experience with someone else.

And now a couple of years ago I was in the team. About a year after graduation from the university. This experience became for me ambiguous. I tried to work with the team: in addition to the main activity - web development - I tried myself in management, there was such an opportunity. Unfortunately, the lack of team cohesion did not give the results I wanted to see.

So I started a gradual move towards finding people in my own team. And now, for the past two years, I have carefully sorted out the applicants and tried them in different situations. And I can cite the following facts, to which I drew attention:

  • A person who receives a stable salary will prefer to shalt more often than to leave his comfort zone.
  • But young generations can suddenly enter the work.

I tried myself as the head of the web development department, but life, as it often happens, turned its back. And now during the last six months I actively pull all the forces into the team (ссыль) which you can see on the site. People they are absolutely different and unique, and most importantly, as well as I'm ready to neglect the time in favor of quality. Yes, I'm the kind of person who believes that quality and reputation is more important than deadlines for the delivery of the project. Of course, that it will be agreed with the client, do not get me wrong. Self-rule and violation of agreements - not about us. This site - is to some extent the apogee and demonstration of the unity of my team. This is the first, completely common work, where everyone showed himself/herself as an expert. In parallel, we are working to improve our other common projects, and every day I'm more and more convinced that the time spent on finding these people has been well spent.

Team IAmStudio — we will make your fantasies come true.

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