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Hello Frankfurt, goodbye Roskomnadzor

05/06/18 / Middleread

Good day!

It so happened that in these «interesting times» we became spectators, and somewhere participants of «fascinating events» on Internet blocking in Russia by Roskomnadzor. This, still ongoing situation, very strongly motivated us to some actions.

Long ago, when our idea was just beginning, we hosted VDS under another terrible domain. It's time, and 2 years ago, our team began to form in its current form, as a result I bought us a cool domain and hosted the site. At first it was a page in the spirit of CV, which displayed our «itrack record» of works in the person of me. Then, this year I turned everything upside down and launched the development of this wonderful site. But we were still on the cloud.

Placing a site on the cloud is certainly a convenient thing, you think less, you sleep better, but the possibilities are not at all a car, but rather a scoop from a trolley. There are a lot of restrictions, and Timeweb hosting generally gives funny restrictions on «sites», «DB», FTP accounts. But all this did not interfere with the work.

Nevertheless, due to the thirst to deploy full-fledged work on the server, at the end of the current service period, I began to look for where to attach our site. Long looked at the same Timeweb, Sweb and other representatives of the Russian segment. But still did not dare.

And now let's move on to the events:

16th april 2018 day «X»

Nothing foreshadowed the disaster, in fact, and after, too, everything was quiet, but:

The Federal Service sent the telecommunications operators an order to limit access to the service in accordance with the decision of the Tagansky court adopted on April 13


I myself do not use the Telegram at all. And did not even start after blocking, so, I ping the interest for the sake of the spirit of «poke a stick.» Since then, the program lay down for 10 minutes at one time and at the time when I thought «everything has covered» lay down back.

That day in our team everything was quiet, and those who are in other countries, so still silence. The problems began later. And I noticed them first, since I'm sitting on Yota. And as practice shows, they quickly enough accept updates from the authorities.

18th april 2018 «here we go»

On this day, we already encountered the problems that our beloved Roskomnadzor gave us. The amazon server was denied. It turned out to be simple — it took an inaccurate, extra module on the brackets to compare the files. We updated bootstrap to a newer one, in order to eliminate the need to look for the difference in dependencies manually.

The solution to the problem is not easy, since you can access servers through a proxy, but brackets does not accept it and gives an error, although the file sees it. I had to swing through the proxy and try to embed the module myself so that it does not spit. It turned out — disabling the proxy when the file was already on the computer. The result is simple, but a bit confused.

Further — more interesting. I registered to us a new cabinet on JivoSite to optimize the feedback for the stream. All installed: on the phone everything works, installed on the site and decided to download the application for the PC. And then turn. The link leads into the entry. Those to Amazon servers that are blocked. My tongue is untied, I went to chat, I beg the mirror link. Issued to the dropbox. Download, set. Went to find us a new quiet place for the server.

And, still the viber fell off. But this is so, little things, the mail is still working.

20th april 2018 «Extinguish the lamps, they creep into the light»

Looking at the newsline and increasingly faced with denial services that we use to work, realizing the inevitability and the fact that it's not so easy to return everything as to block the Internet, I went to look for foreign servers. We do not store anyone's data, but in processing, if something happens, then through Yandex.Post, directly to us, we can afford it.

The choice was initially small:

  1. Amazon
  2. Digital Ocean

Both offer at a reasonable price moderately suitable servers, but that's bad luck, they are tightly blocked by our beloved Roskomnadzor. And we do not want to abandon the audience on the territory of the Russian Federation. So I went to look further. I looked at the AOE server, Cyprus. Simply, both there and there our sit. But the AOE price tag did not excite me, but Cyprus, maybe I'm picky, but it stands at the junction of 2 tectonic plates and it's hot there.

Through active surfing of resources, discussions with colleagues, I found out that 1+1 is quite fit and that Germany is in fact the epicenter of hosting in Europe. 1+1 fell off immediately, because it is American, here played my patriotism. But more importantly, the fact that it, perhaps, a major one on an equal basis with Amazon and others, means the first on the turn under the raid. IT even in Germany occupies a noticeably leading place, according to statistics.

On this day, I warned our customers that there may be problems with their resources, small and minor. Despite the good separation from external dependencies, they can not be escaped.

22nd april 2018 I found it!

After a few days of searching, I decided on the options I liked — Fornex or Rootwelt. At the first I estimated the cost and cashback, the second site design, both — support for the Russian language. But who meets on clothes — that moron. We searched for negative reviews, positive and preferably less theatricality. I found a wonderful site — hosting101.ru, on which various hosting sites are collected, ours are not ours. Reviews, it seems to me, of real people, at least because there are tons of duplicates in the «elected» positive and negative sides, and who does not read what is already there? Correctly — an impressed or angry user, but not a manager for working with reputation.

In passing, I came across a useful resource.

23rd april 2018 ...

Has covered Google services. Without a proxy do not get it. With the proxy problems with other resources. Refused:

  1. Google Analitics
  2. Google Adwords
  3. Google Translate
  4. Google Drive
  5. Google Docs
  6. Gmail

Covered my personal mail, which is collected almost everything. Elegant. ILV was not going to give up. Only vperde!

It's difficult to work, but we continue despite the fact that somehow everything is sad.

On the same day, I caught the eye of the British article, which says that simultaneously with the start of blockages, the EU requires large cloud resources [Facebook, Amazon, etc.] for 6 hours !!!! to issue data to the user after the request of the relevant authorities. It was thought — «And maybe they are doing the right thing?»))).

24th april 2018 «Guys, we're moving»

Long chose between Fornex or Rootwelt, settled on the latter — fewer bad reviews, the site, again, is quite fit.

I began to write actively in support of Rootwelt, then they still did not understand who they contacted. Tried to clarify the details, unfortunately answered only every second message, but very quickly.

But it was decided — it means it was decided, I went to issue VDS, I made all the data, I prepared, wrote comments, and ... I was identified by the system as a fraudster.

Morally, I was ready for everything, but not for that. At first I did not understand what was the reason, or the data, or that I was sitting through the proxy from Lisbon. Wrote in support, silence. Second time, silence. Well, I think, they look, they study.

By this time, the work stopped, the tools began to work through time, a number of resources was not available.

25th april 2018 Day «XXX»

That day it was very fun. In the morning I could not stand it and sent a letter in support of Rootwelt, the next one to unblock it. Titled the ticket meaningfully — «Let's live in peace». To be honest, I did not understand who is on the wire, our disguised Russians, or well-speaking Germans. But I was kind of appreciated and asked to send a list of documents:


Well, let's go. Please provide the following documents:

1. Scan any document that will prove your identity.

2. Selfie with this document

3. The document that confirms your place of residence — electricity bill, gas, telephone, water, etc.

But to this I was already ready, well, almost.

I began to collect documents, but went into a rage, so I prepared:

  1. Selfie with a passport in glasses
  2. Selfie with a passport without glasses
    Gods, how I aged
  3. Passport
  4. Registration in the passport
  5. Marriage certificate
    My domain is registered by wife
  6. WIfe’s passport
  7. Selfies with a dissatisfied wife
    My wife is very unhappy that you think I'm a fraud
  8. Birth certificate of the child
  9. Photo with son
  10. Links to the social network
  11. Links to the Roskomdanzor website
    The reason I'm using the proxy
  12. My Account Themeforest
  13. Whois of my domen →

Stop. But on whois the problem came out. To check whois I reached on Reg.ru, I went there without turning off the proxy and tried to enter the office. I immediately wrapped up by blocking my account. Not believing my happiness, I tried to restore the cabinet first, then wrote to the support service.

The letter to Rootwelt was postponed indefinitely, since I believed that whois domain data is an important argument.

In a fairly short time, only an hour, I was restored access to the account... It turned out that Reg.ru is not our main, I registered the domain on nic.ru. This is a failure.

Having collected all the data, I sent them to the hoster for review. And after a few hours I got access. Moving to the German data-center began. Hello Frankfurt, goodbye to Roskomnadzor.

To sum up

As I said earlier, we do not store user data on the server, so we can safely afford the move. In addition, Rootwelt is a proximity to sites like Google and very close to Yandex, which will give us a little kick in the search results.

This motivation in the face of an Roskomdanzor is a great thing.

Leaving the site outside the Russian Federation, we risk lose everithning. (Although stop, we have everything on git). In general, we do not take risks. We are small guys, we have nothing to take from us, but now access from hosting to MDN, on which we have some dependencies, the hosting itself is perfectly loaded even on Yota. Still a little bit to compress pictures, to include compression modules and generally will fly.

Therefore, here is a reference, naturally referral. I hope we will not be kicked for advertising later.

PS: Most likely you will have to light documents, this is normal practice, this from me even Reg.ru in case of problems required. Well, the right of ownership is not observed as we have, I have seen many reviews of negative Russian speakers in this regard. What also is not scary.