Github: Emigrated, emigrated, but did not migrate

06/05/18 / Shortread

So, Github in the process of a deal with Microsoft

This news filled the Internet like an epoxy, leaking everywhere. At the same wave, the activity of other media repositories, such as Bitbacket and GitLab, sharply increased, against the backdrop of which the Internet was filled with jokes about PornHub → PornLab.

Microsoft devoured the octopus and this caused panic. Tons of projects flow to other resources.

Just for a minute

Why did it happen? In his announcement on the site of the githab, the CEO of the company made it clear that Microsoft for a minute drove in so many projects and code that it became the most active and massive user of statistics.

And then, apparently, decided to use GitHub completely. Jokes about PornHub no longer look so detached.


While news is spreading on the Internet, GitLab is already throwing in its twitter statistics about the 10-fold increase in the creation and import of projects.

And, obviously, they do not even embellish much.

What is the problem, actually?

It seems to us, the whole point is that Microsoft is not an open company at all, but developers, very large software developers who make money on it and often do poorly. Suffice it to recall Windows 8, although I personally got this system to cheer. Nevertheless, I do not deny that at the first appearance of a stable version of Windows 10, I bravely rolled onto it. It's still better.

You can also recall the experience of buying Skype. This still raises questions, but one can not deny the fact that after a long enough time to get acquainted with the code [this is obvious, because no developer can figure out цhat the previous one has wrote], the intermediate result of which were constant bugs, now Skype works not less stable than before the purchase.

In doing so, it:

  • Has not lost functionality, but only increased
  • Did not become fully paid
What is the public repository afraid of?

There is an opinion — that news about something incomprehensible. This wave of panic can be equated with a flash mob. At the moment we have not found any objective reasons to move. And in general, the reasons are not particularly found. Just a dull fear.

And personally it seems to me that the bulk — freeloaders, sitting on open repositories.

What about us?

We use GitHub for open repositories for the general public. It:

  1. Pug Helper kit (PH-Kit) — open library developed for rapid prototyping or final assembly on demo data.
  2. Flexible Asix Kit — a simple framework for lightweight assembly projects, analog Bootstrap [what's wrong to hide]
    It began as a flex library, which we imported into projects, when the fourth boot was not yet announced, so it is not a clone.
  3. Cookies for Blind — a project that is designed for use on state websites. Called to facilitate reading for the visually impaired and the blind. It is in its infancy.

And for closed projects we use Bitbucket — it allows you to initially make private turnips. And this is excellent.

What to do?

We are going to continue to observe what is happening. Our eggs are in different baskets from the very beginning, and do not see the point to worry. We advise you the same. You are used to pour money.

The question arises naturally, what can we do? But nothing. In any case, we took the position of observers. In any scenario, it is practically impossible to influence this situation. This is why we observe and look into the bright future.